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In order to prevent environmental pollution, Water Filter Systems are used to clean the polluted air from the operation of the enterprises, before the discharge of oil, smoke and heavy dust to the atmosphere. Thanks to its special design, Water Filter Systems clean the smoke, oil and dust as ratio of 99 per cent, and odor 50 per cent. Activated Carbon Filter can be added to the system, for keeping odor ratio up to 85 per cent. By using an air duct, it is possible to collect and filter the air of multiple sections with a single device. Water Filter Systems are completely made of 304 quality chrome stainless steel sheet. It works with water circulation and sprinkler method. The air passes through water, two different kinds of filters and the sprinkler system. For clean and dirty water, it’s advised to set proper water lines up, when Water Filter Systems are installed. Water Filter Systems evaporate water like 5 to 10 liters in 12 hours. Thanks to the buoy, it completes the missing water itself.

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    +90 212 264 68 38 uzmak@uzmakizolasyon.com Yakuplu Mah. Haramidere San. Sit. Kristal Sok. No: 45 (F Blok 109) Beylikdüzü/ İstanbul

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    We use highest quality materials for our products. Any customer of ours was satisfied with the leading experience of us at the ventilation sector. Feel free to check the certificates of products.

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    Our team will reach you as soon as possible.


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